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Вчерашнее гениальное как солнце повешенное в небе, гениальный ослеплять; Сегодняшнее единство как кулак обхваченный в каждой руке. Надежда завтра как крылья kunpeng, небо летая. Может компания работать совместно для создания новых успехов.

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Swimming Pool High Pressure PPO Impeller Big Flow Water Filter Pump

Swimming Pool High Pressure PPO Impeller Big Flow Water Filter Pump
Swimming Pool High Pressure PPO Impeller Big Flow Water Filter Pump

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Подробная информация о продукте:
Место происхождения: Чжэцзян, Китай
Фирменное наименование: FREESEA
Сертификация: CE Certificates
Номер модели: ФЛС-1500
Оплата и доставка Условия:
Количество мин заказа: 5 блок/блоков (Минимальн Заказ)
Цена: $148.00 - $176.00 / Units
Упаковывая детали: Упаковка Фресеа красочная или простая упаковка с английским руководством
Время доставки: 7-15 дней работы
Условия оплаты: L/C, T/T, западное соединение, D/A, D/P
Поставка способности: 5000 блок/блоков в неделю
Подробное описание продукта
Мотор: 100 процентов медной проволоки Сертификация: CE
Применение: Аквакультура, водный проект, бассейн, аквапарк Вес: 22
Соед: 2800 Паковать: коробка
Высокий свет:

spa bath pump


spa pool pump

Swimming Pool High Pressure PPO Impeller Big Flow Water Filter Pump

Model Voltage HZ Power(KW) Power(HP) Hmax(m) Qmax(m³/h) Port Size(inch/mm)
FLS-370 220V-380V 50/60 0.37 0.5 8 11 50 1.5”
FLS-550 220V-380V 50/60 0.55 0.75 12 16 50 1.5”
FLS-750 220V-380V 50/60 0.75 1.0 13 17 50 1.5”
FLS-1100 220V-380V 50/60 1.1 1.5 15 21 50 1.5”
FLS-1500 220V-380V 50/60 1.5 2 16 25 50 1.5”




[POWERFUL MOTOR] ~ Heavy-duty high performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation. Self priming suction lift up to 8 feet above water level.

[EXCELLENT FILTER PERFORMANCE] ~ 110-Cubic-inch basket for extra leaf-holding capacity extends time between cleanings. Rigid construction with load-extender ribbing assures free flowing operation for heavy debris loads.

[EASY OPERATION] ~ See-thru strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning. Exclusive swing-aside handle makes strainer cover removal easy.

Electric pump over- current components using high-strength engineering plastics, with high-quality wear-resistant mechanical seal
1. Suction.
That is, the water absorption height of the swimming pool pump. Refers to the vertical distance from the center of the pump body to the horizontal level of the water source. When the water flow is pumped by the vacuum in the pump body, the allowable suction stroke is generally not more than 7.5 meters.


2. Lift.
That is, the lifting height of the swimming pool pump. Refers to the value of the energy increase per unit weight of water after passing through the pool pump. Generally, the height difference between the inlet and outlet water level of the pumping station is called the actual head; plus the head loss of the pumping station pipeline and its accessories (such as the bottom valve, elbow, gate valve, etc.) is called the total head. The lift on the swimming pool pump refers to the lift of the pool pump when the efficiency is high at a certain speed, which is the sum of the actual lift and the lost lift.


3. Traffic.
Refers to the amount of water that the swimming pool pump delivers per unit time, also known as the amount of water delivered. Commonly used flow units are liters per second, cubic meters per second, cubic meters per hour, kilograms per second, tons per hour, and the like.


Freesea is a new type of technology-based enterprise integrating research, production, agency, sales and service of swimming pool water treatment equipment, sauna spa equipment, landscape water treatment equipment, fish pond purification system equipment and engineering related accessories. The company adopts advanced water treatment technology to provide optimal configuration and high-quality complete sets of equipment and related supporting products for the vast swimming pool, spa bathing center, landscape fountain pool, sauna pool and fish pond.

Introduction to the installation and operation of the pump

Pump installation points: 1. Install the pump as close as possible to the pool. The closer it is, the better the pipe is drawn into the pump. The bending and friction of the pipe will affect the flow and lift loss of the pump.

2. The suction pipe is standing at the *** end of the pool. It must be ensured that the suction pipe and the joint are fastened. The suction pipe should be thicker than the outlet pipe, at least as thick as the outlet pipe;

3. Avoid installing the pump in a humid, non-ventilated ball. The motor needs free circulating air to help cool it.

4. Confirm the voltage required by the power supply and the motor. The phase is consistent with the frequency and the wire used should meet the motor power and circuit requirements of the power supply. All power needs to be performed by professionals;




Single or three phase, Class F, IPX5.
Silent operation, Concise design.
Liquid temperature less than 60 degree.
Can resist chemical in swimming pool.
Nice performance, Overload protection.
Nichel plated antirust spindle or stainless steel 304 weld spindle.
Huge pro-filter for less cleaning maintenance.
Heighteen pump base to keep water pump off the moist working environment.
Arrange drain device of water pump.


We Promise:

1) We are very glad that customer give us some suggestion for price and products.
2) If any question, please let us know it in the first by E-mail or Telephone. We can deal with them for you in time.
3) We will send many news styles in every week to our old customers.
4) Offer our customers the lowest prices. Streamline the buying and paying processes.
5) Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.
6) Ensure the excellent quality of our products.
7)12 months FREE warranty.

8) Accept OEM


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Контактное лицо: sales

Телефон: +8613926007558

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